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Grand Indian Special Mix Kebab Image
Grand Indian Special Mix Kebab
Chicken Tikka, Lamb Tikka, Seekh Kebab, Tandoori Chicken. Onion Bhaji. Served in a Sizzler. For 2 persons
Grand Indian Vegetarian Mix Image
Grand Indian Vegetarian Mix
Vegetable Samosa, Onion Bhaji, Aloo Pakora, Mushroom Pakora. For 2 persons.
These dishes are cooked in the tandoori clay oven. The chicken, lamb or king prawns we marinated in special spices and are served on a sizzling platter with salad and mint sauce
After the marinated chicken, lamb or king prawn is roasted in the Tandoori oven, it is then lightly spiced, creamy sauce to give a smooth taste
The balti is cooked in a very traditional style with a special blend of herbs & spices
Cooked with a special blend of herbs & spices to five a medium taste garnished with tomato_ green peppers, coriander to a d the aroma of the dish
The Korai is cooked in a special way with an aromatic blend of herbs & spices to create a distinctive flavour to tingle the taste buds
The below dishes are available in the following


- A very mild and creamy curry dish prepared with coconut & almond to give a rich creamy flavour


- This is a medium dish prepared with afresh blend of herbs & spices garnished with tomato, green peppers, onions and coriander to create a succulent flavour


- This medium spiced dish derives its name from the plentiful use of onions which are bris fried with a blend of fresh spices & sprinkled with coriander


- Medium dry dish cooked with onions, tomatoes, garlic, herbs and spices


- This is a hot, sweet and sour dish prepared in a lentil sauce with a special blend of herbs and spices & garnished with coriander to give a distinctive flavour

Grand Garlic Balti Image
Grand Garlic Balti
A mix of chicken& lamb tikka cooked with a blend of chefs special spices with substantial use of garlic. Served in a thick tangy medium sauce which is slow cooked with assorted peppers
Achari Chicken or Meat Image
Achari Chicken or Meat
Diced pieces of chicken or meat cooked in tantalising mixed pickle missile, laced with fresh green chillies and coriander. Very tasty.
Catch of the day Image
Catch of the day
A regional seafood curry made with the sought afier tilapia fish and cooked with caramelised mixed peppers and onions in a rich tasty spicy sauce. Doesn't get better than this
Sylheti Bahar Image
Sylheti Bahar
This is a mild and creamy dish created for the sweet tooth which contains coconut, almonds, sugar and cream. lt is then left to sit in the pan before a thick texture is created. Finished of with a drizzle of honey
Nirala Image
Chicken or meat cooked with potatoes in different stages to firstly extract the juices and then lock the flavours together. A mouth watering dish
Agni Karahi Image
Agni Karahi
This spicy dish is cooked in a wok with red chillies, mixed peppers,garlic, ginger and made with hand.lkklmn bh picked spices which is all combined to create a succulent saucy dish
Paneer Tikka Balti Image
Paneer Tikka Balti
irstly the paneer is marinated in the tandoori clay oven then stewed in a balti sauce to pack the flavours together. A treat for the vegetarians
Mittah Kurma Image
Mittah Kurma
Cooked in a bhuna style sauce with chefs special spices to give a smooth and sweet taste. A beautiful combination of coconut and cream cooked together to give a unique rich taste
Chef’s Royal King Prawns Image
Chef’s Royal King Prawns
Off the shell king prawns cooked with green beans, Capsicums, chunky onions in a thick rich sauce which is then served to you on a Sizzler. Chef highly recommends a nan bread to accompany this royalty dish
Brian's SpecialCurry
Named and created after our valued customer. Lightly spiced marinated lamb cooked in a rich madras sauce. Brian loves it!
Desi Lamb (NEW) Image
Desi Lamb (NEW)
As the name suggests this is a traditional home style cooked dish, full of deli flavour and spices bringing you the true taste of india
Hibba Handi Image
Hibba Handi
Tender whole pieces of lamb chops created in a desi style hand with a rich medium sauce. Spices and herbs added carefully to bring you a succulent dish to indulge into/p>
Shatkhora Image
A very fiavour some dish which is cooked to retain as much of the flavour as possible. Infused with the delicious zesty fruit alongside an array of spices giving you a kick to tantalise the tastebuds. Homemade style and a favourite in India & Bangladesh. A sparkle to your appetite
Achari Chicken or Meat Image
Achari Chicken or Meat
Diced pieces of chicken or meat cooked in tantalising mixed pickle missile, laced with fresh green chillies and coriander. Very tasty.
Keema Kufta Paneer Image
Keema Kufta Paneer
A dish consisting of spiced meatballs made from lamb mincemeat. Fried & cooked with herbs & spices into delicious bhuna sauce with paneer
Garlic Chilli Chicken Image
Garlic Chilli Chicken
Chicken cooked with fresh garlic, fresh green chillies, plum tomatoes and coriander. A hot tasty dish
Murgh Hyderbadi Image
Murgh Hyderbadi
A distinctly rich cooked with tangy spices, coriander, yogurt, tomatoes, garlic and ginger in juices of bay leaves, cardamom & cloves.This is a very rich dish full of distinctive flavour
Machlee Jool Image
Machlee Jool
Fillets of white fish cooked with a blend of medium spices that compliments this specially created dish
Grand Tarkari Image
Grand Tarkari
Fire extinguishers at the ready, this is our home made fire breather & can be increased in heat. Peppers, bullet chillies and lethal naga chilli paste are tossed together to fuse these ingredients. A fiery dish so be warned! Not for the faint hearted
Chicken or Lamb Chom Chom Image
Chicken or Lamb Chom Chom
Marinated chicken or lamb cooked with onions, garlic and coriander. A medium dish not to be missed
Mita Malai Image
Mita Malai
For a sweet and fruity choice this is our lovely exotic dish. Cooked with mango, cream, sugar, mixed fruit, coconut, almond and nuts. Mild and creamy for the beginners
Moja Korahi Image
Moja Korahi
A selection of the finest ingredients put together which makes this a very special dish. King prawns, chicken tikka and lamb tikka fired together with chefs handmade paste. Served on a Sizzler
Lemon Chilli Massala Image
Lemon Chilli Massala
Long grain chillies cooked with diced lemon. Slowly cooked to give this citrus dish a dry texture
Sweet Chilli Massala Image
Sweet Chilli Massala
A complex dish to cook which involves the use of tamarind puree and chillies. The ingredients are mixed with this specially made paste and then served in a light sauce to leave a sweet and sour taste to your palate
Keema Mattar Image
Keema Mattar
Mince lamb tossed with fresh peas with the use of extensive coriander, garlic, ginger and caramelised onions. Also known to us as a traditional village favourite
Vegetarian Thali Image
Vegetarian Thali
Vegetable Bhuna, Sag Aloo, Mushroom Bhaji, Pilau Rice or Nan
Meat Thali Image
Meat Thali
Chicken Tikka Massalla, Meat Bhuna, Keema Pathia, Pilau Rice or Nan